15th April, 2014


I’m worried because of the woman sitting next to me on the plane

She has in the last few minutes been German French and English

Is she an actress
Is she a liar

15th April, 2014

I’ve been away

4th April, 2014


I am particularly proud of that last one! 

31st March, 2014

Daily #11 Belmont

I was thinking of the last thing you said to me
“Don’t be too hard on yourself”
I didn’t take your advice
You never listened to mine

We were nothing more than a failure to communicate

31st March, 2014

Daily #10 To All My Insecurities

To all my insecurities,
Thanks for leaving me out of luck
It’s time I returned the favor
I’ve given up on giving up
For once help me to write a song
Aimed to write you off
Instead of some made up love
Or a girl I treated wrong

I’ve fucked up I’m stupid

Shit, there I go again
Adding fuels to a flame
It burns me alive
Sometimes I think I’m going insane

I’m great at losing
That’s better than nothing

30th March, 2014

Daily #9

The silence is music to my ears